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Monday, March 28, 2016

[LIBJOBS] USA - Bluffton, South Carolina - Dean of Libraries and Honors Program, University of South Carolina Beaufort

Dean of Libraries and Honors Program


The Dean of Libraries is the chief administrative officer of USCB libraries, which includes two campus libraries located twenty-one miles apart, in Beaufort and Bluffton, and a planned library extension on Hilton Head. The Dean reports directly to the Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and is responsible for all library services and operations.

The Dean exercises leadership in positioning library resources and facilities at the center of the academic communities they serve, and provides vision and direction to support the learning communities that rely on them for teaching, learning, and research. The USCB libraries are USC System libraries and the Dean also works with the USC System to maintain and strengthen interlibrary relations and exchanges. The Dean cultivates external relations to promote the libraries and their mission to the university and to external communities that can benefit from them.

The Dean is the chief operations officer for the libraries and works collaboratively with library staff to implement the Library's educational mission and to create positive physical and virtual work and learning environments in the libraries. The Dean oversees the development and performance of library personnel and functions as the chief fiscal officer for the Libraries. It is the responsibility of the Dean to gather and report all library statistics as required for the State Library annual report, the ACRL annual report and all other reports as necessary.

The Dean sits on the Academic Affairs Committee and establishes a shared vision of the missions of the libraries and the university. As a part of that shared vision, the Dean will also supervise the development of a new honors program. The Dean also serves on several campus committees as well as USC system wide committees such as the Campuses Library Council (CLC) and the PASCAL Director's Forum. The Dean stays abreast of the latest developments in academic libraries and exercises strategic leadership in building the libraries.


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