Historical Society, Wisconsin

Job Announcement Code(s): 08-03413

Classification Title: / JAC:
  Job Working Title:
LIBRARIAN 08-03413
    Serials Resources Librarian

Type of Employment:
Full Time (40 hrs/week)

Schedule and Range 13-01 $18.147 to $20.000 per hour depending on
qualifications ($37,891 to $41,760 annual salary) with excellent state
benefits. A six-month probationary period will be required.

Brian L. Schroeder, Human Resources Specialist, Telephone 608-264-6409;
FAX 608-264-6415; BrianL.Schroeder@wisconsinhistory.org

Bargaining Unit:

Area of Competition:

Deadline to Apply:
Completed application materials must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Monday
May 24, 2010.

Exam Information:
Exam cannot be previewed.

The Wisconsin Historical Society, Library/Archives Division is located
at 816 State Street in Madison, Wisconsin on the University of Wisconsin
. For additional information please see the Wisconsin Historical
Society website
at http://www.wisconsinhistory.org

Job Duties:   Under the direction of the Collection Development
Coordinator, this position is responsible for the selection,
acquisition, selected cataloging, and related collection development
tasks necessary for the management of the serials (periodicals and
newspapers) collections in all formats in the Library-Archives of the
Wisconsin Historical Society. This position is also responsible for
evaluating and acquiring new content formats, including knowledge of
formats for electronic serials resources, and for helping to manage the
library's transition from print to electronic serials resources. This
position also works in cooperation with other professional
Library-Archives staff members to plan, develop, coordinate, and
implement all serials works. A well qualified candidate will have a MLS
(Library Science) degree from an accredited graduate library science
in addition to their professional work experience.
Special Notes:   

A criminal background check will be conducted prior to an offer of
employment to determine if the circumstances of any conviction may be
related to the job.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires employers to
hire only individuals who are eligible to work in the United States.
Upon reporting for work, an individual will be expected to present
proper evidence establishing employability.

Verification of academic degrees will be conducted prior to an offer of

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:   

Knowledge of and experience with library collection development issues
and practices in research libraries in serials (periodicals and
newspapers) as typically acquired in a graduate school library science
or information management program.

Ability to adapt effectively to the changing world of information
systems and to each new generation of tools needed for acquiring and
preserving serials content.

Experience with research library acquisitions practices such as approval
plans and serials management databases, vendor relations, licensing
issues, and fund accounting systems.

Knowledge of research library collection assessment tools and the
preparation of analyses of collection strengths and weaknesses.

Knowledge of evolving research trends and scholarly communications in
selected academic disciplines (e.g., history, journalism, library &
information studies, ethnic studies).

Knowledge of library reference tools and research methods in the areas
of North American history and government publishing.

Knowledge of and experience with MS Office systems including word
processing, spreadsheets, and databases.

Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, verbally and in writing,
with supervisors, colleagues, vendors, and patrons.

Ability to train and lead part-time and temporary staff explaining,
delegating, and monitoring tasks so that stated goals can be reacheAbility to lift and move volumes or containers weighing up to 35 pounds.

How To Apply:   

Please submit an Application for State Employment form (OSER-DMRS-38),
available on the internet at: http://oser.state.wi.us/application.asp
(please note that Madison, Wisconsin is located in Dane county – county
code 13); a current resume; and a paper (not to exceed a total of 4
pages) that describes your experience for the appropriate three
questions below. Please label each response 1, 2, and 3. Write clearly
and concisely and use examples to support your statements when
necessary. Since the answers to each question will be scored separately,
be sure to provide a separate and complete answer for each question. Do
not reference your resume or response to one question as the answer for
part of any other question - each answer should stand alone. Your
responses are considered to be an Examination for this position and will
be used to determine your eligibility for this vacancy. Please answer
questions 1, 2, and 3 below:

1. Describe your education, training and work experience with library
and/or collection development work. Identify the type of
library (e.g. public, academic, research, special), the size and scope
of the collections you worked with and your level of responsibility for
tasks that include, but are not limited to:

Writing or implementing collection development policies

Use of collection assessment tools

Selection, ordering, and budgeting

Preparing or applying approval plans

Overseeing work of order staff

Include in your answer any training, coursework, and academic degrees
that you have in library science or related fields.

2. Describe your work experience with the management or preservation of
serials (newspapers and periodicals) collections including working with
vendors or publishers. Indicate the size and scope of the collections
you worked with and your level of responsibility for tasks that include,
but are not limited to:

Selection and budgeting

Ordering, check-in, or claiming

Managing subscriptions, licensing work, and vendor relations

Preservation or cataloging

3. Describe your work experience with any aspect of the acquisition
and/or management of electronic library resources including serials.
Indicate the size and scope of the resources you have worked with and
your level of responsibility with tasks that include, but are not
limited to:

Working with vendors and publishers

Digital rights management

Working with technical staff to manage access

Preservation or cataloging

Do not send materials as zip files.

Send completed application materials (via mail, Fax or E-mail to Brian
Schroeder, Human Resources Specialist, Wisconsin Historical Society, 816
State Street, Madison, WI 53706-1482; 608/264-6409; Fax 608/264-6415; or
E-mail at BrianL.Schroeder@wisconsinhistory.org

Completed materials must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Monday May 24,

Materials will be evaluated and the most qualified applicants will be
invited to participate in the next step of the selection process.
Questions may be directed to Brian Schroeder at 608/264-6409.

The Wisconsin Historical Society is an equal opportunity employer.