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Monday, April 25, 2016

Re: [IFLA-LPD] Europe to Lousiville to Colombus to Europe

Dear Luc,

I go from Stockholm to New York. I stay there for a few days on holiday and then on the 9th of Aug I go to Louisville. 
From Columbus I go via Chicago to Stockholm.

I hope you find a suitable flight!

Best regards

Kristina Passad
Enhetschef Urval
Myndigheten för tillgängliga Medier
08/ 580 02 722

25 apr 2016 kl. 18:35 skrev MAUMET Luc <>:

Dear IFLA LPD members going to Louisville and Colombus,


I’m currently working on my trip from Paris to Louisville and find it a little difficult to find an “easy” route.


For those of you who have already planed this trip (Europe to Louisville to Colombus and back to Europe) what solution did you choose ?

I think this informations should interest others than me.



Luc Maumet

AVH - Responsable Médiathèque

5 rue Duroc

75007 Paris

01 44 49 27 27



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